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What do they look like?

Terry Derek
Terry Ward - Lead Vocals
Chris (left) Steve
Steve Sherris - Lead Guitar
Roy Roy
Roy Duncan - Drums
Terry (front) and Steve (back left) Chris
Chris Rickard - Lead Saxophonist
Keith The Band
Keith Hayle - Backing Guitarist
The Band Derek
Derek Metcalfe - Backing Guitarist
Pictures of the
playing at
Holgates Green
26 August 2002
Tag-a-long - Backing Saxophonist

Who are they?

Who is... Terry Ward ? [PICTURE]
Local entrepreneur, Terry Ward owns the Foredeck, and unsurprisingly the Foredeck Too, and 49º55' 6º19'. He is also a director for the Steamship Company.

Who is... Steve Sherris ? [PICTURE]
Keen guitarist, he has a web site. He works for the Council. He has recently been selling paintings.

Who is... Roy Duncan ? [PICTURE]
Local councillor, boatman and director of the Steamship Company, Roy Duncan owns the Golden Spray, a pleasure boat with the St Mary's Boatman's Association.

Who is... Chris Rickard ? [PICTURE]
Chris is the lead sax player in the band. He is an ex-session saxophonist.

Who is... Keith Hayle ? [PICTURE]
Local farmer, Keith Hayle owns Tremelethan Farm.

Who is... Derek Metcalfe ? [PICTURE]
A painter for the Council.

How old are they?!

Steve and Chris are the youngsters of the band, around their 40s. Next oldest would be Terry. Oldest would be Keith, Roy and Derek, all in their 50s.

What do they play?

The guitar, drums and saxophone along with Terry's harmonica make up the instrumentals. Vocals are provided by Terry and backed-up by Keith and Derek.

Some of their repertoire includes:
'Sha La La' by Manfred Mann ‡ (SA†/UK - 15 Oct 64 - #3)*
'Brown Sugar' by the Rolling Stones (UK - 24 Apr 71 - #2)*
'Jumping Jack Flash' by the Rolling Stones (UK - 29 May 68 - #1)*

* : information in brackets gives (country from which the band came - date of release - highest position in the charts) according to Guinness 'British Hit Singles'.
† : SA - South Africa.
‡ : Terry said that it was a new one that Steve had requested, and claimed not to know the words.

What is their reputation like?

Whenever they are playing at a local pub the venue is alway packed. They play once or twice a month in difference places.