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New Hide on Tresco
The IOS Bird Group has erected a new hide at Great Pool on Tresco... SD
Wed 25 May

Title image New Conservation Project Launched On Scilly
Earthwatch Institue, an organisation keen to get people involved in helping create a sustainable environment, is coming to Scilly with a view to monitor the seal... SD
Tue 14 Dec

HMS Colossus Preservation Appeal
A local conservation trust is hoping to raise £120,000 in order to protect part of the wreck of HMS Colossus, which lies near Samson. The trust is hoping to... SD
Wed 08 Dec

Title image Wildlife Waves Of Heath
The IOS Wildlife trust have been granted £233,000 by the National Lottery to support their five-year project called "Waves of Heath". The aim is to restore the... SD
Thu 18 Nov

Title image Parts of Samson closed to help breeding birds
North Hill on Samson has been closed to the public until 31st August. The Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust has taken the action due to the large number of Common Terns... IT
Mon 09 Aug

Who’s a pretty boy then?
Thu 15 Apr
The warm weather may attract tropical birds but things were going a bit far when a loose parrot was spotted on the islands... IT

Black Guillemot seen on Scilly
Thu 15 Apr
Bird watchers have been making their way out to Annet after a local boatman spotted a particularly rare seabird. Joe... IT

Seabird numbers "worryingly" low
Mon 05 Apr
A new survey has revealed that the number of seabirds in Scilly is falling. The survey called Seabird 2000 found that... IT

Birdwatchers installed on Scillonian
Thu 01 Apr
For the third year running the RSPB and the Isles of Scilly Steamship Group have joined forces to make the journey to the... IT

Proof slow worms live on Bryher
Sat 27 Mar
After much deliberation one island man has proved that slow worms are living on Bryher. Although locals have always... IT

Rare south american gull found on island
Mon 15 Mar
Scilly twitchers have had a busy month. Only a week ago St Marys’s Nigel Wheatley found a rare Treecreeper in Tresco... IT

Dolphin Death Update
Tue 02 Mar
Scilly’s MP Andrew George has described the Government’s recent report into Dolphin and Porpoise deaths as feeble... LMF

Snow showers for Scilly
Sat 28 Feb
While children in Saltash were making snowballs and Truronians were tobogonning it seemed as if Scilly was the only place in... IT

Wildlife Trust appeal for helpers
Wed 11 Feb
Cornwall Wildlife Trust are encouraging volunteers to come forward to help them record dolphin and porpoise strandings... IT

Early birds are seen in Scilly
Tue 10 Feb
Spring has come early for the islands. While the rest of the country is battling with floods and frost the islands are seeing... IT

Meteor shower lights up skies
Sun 08 Feb
Islanders were dazzled on Friday night with an amazing spectacle in the sky. Portland Coastguard have revealed that the... IT

Scilly welcomes Febrrrrruary!
Mon 02 Feb
Scilly welcomed in February with a bang or should I say gust! The islands saw the strongest winds in the country yesterday-... IT

The early bird catches...the birds
Thu 29 Jan
The Isles of Scilly Bird Group have announced that the work that took place in the autmn has already increased the amount of... IT

Scilly- only place not freezing!
Thu 29 Jan
Scilly is the only place in England with temperatures above freezing. That is according to BBC Radio Cornwall’s... IT

Is Scilly set for deep freeze?
Mon 26 Jan
Dig out your duvets and reaquaint yourself with your hot water bottles because Scilly may be heading for some cold weather.... IT

Birds struck down with salmonella
Sat 24 Jan
Concern is growing for Cornish birds after death rates have soared. Vets at the Wildlife Veterinary Investigation Centre... IT

Greenpeace comes looking for dolphins
Thu 22 Jan
The Esperenza, Greenpeace’s boat, is due to arrive in south west waters on Thursday. The boat is touring Westcountry... IT

Campainers join forces to save dolphins
Tue 20 Jan
Dolphin deaths could rapidly decrease if Greenpeace and the Whales and Dolphin Society have their way. The conservation... IT

Countryfile Visit Scilly
Sun 18 Jan
According to the BBC web site: "On 25 January, Countryfile will be visiting the Scilly Isles, an archipelago of some 150... SD

Scilly MP criticises dolphin deaths
Tue 13 Jan
The MP for the Isles of Scilly has criticised fishing practices that saw hundreds of dolphins die last year. Andrew George... IT