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Greenpeace: SW Airport Expansion Damages
Newquay Airport will be one of the first airports to limit the damages done to the environment by the heavy pollution which occurs at airports. Newquay airport are planning to start a programme of planting trees to counteract the... 2
Sat 13 Aug

Newquay Airport Has New Business
Newquay Airport, seen as 'under threat' by some, has received new investment in the form of bmibaby, who will be operating two new services to the airport... SD
Wed 25 May

Capt Evans Remembers SW Aviation
Capt Evans, a pilot and aviation enthusiast, has written a book on the history of aviation in the Southwest. The book begins in April 1965, as he recounts his... SD
Sun 17 Apr

Title image Future Of Newquay Airport Under Threat?
On 25 November, ThisIsCornwall released an article announcing there was "Fighting 'Tooth and Nail' For Airport", refering to the RAF refusing to make a quick... SD
Mon 29 Nov

Title image Skybus Opens for 2005 Bookings
You are now able to book your Skybus tickets for 2005 online. A representative of the company said: "even though the cost of fuel is rocketing, we are allowing... SD
Wed 25 Aug

Scilly's flights not affected by air traffic problems
Thu 03 Jun
Flights to and from the islands have not been affected by the air traffic problems that mainland Britain are experiencing... IT

BIH helicopter lands at RAF Poltreath
Fri 07 May
A BIH helicopter had to land at RAF Poltreath after the heliport at St Mary's suddenly became engulfed in fog. The... IT

Skybus gets a Canadian makeover
Thu 12 Feb
Canadian engineers have been jetted in to fit one of the islands’ twin otters with new wings. Wings being replaced... IT

County councils take on Newquay’s debt
Tue 27 Jan
Cornwall’s Council leaders will take on the financial liabilities of Newquay Airport. Restormel District Council,... IT

Flights to Newquay could end
Tue 20 Jan
Flight’s to Newquay from the islands are in doubt after it has been revealed that Restormel Borough Council wants to... IT

Investigation into crash inconclusive
Thu 15 Jan
The investigation into the plane crash which saw three former Royal Navy pilots rescued has proved inconclusive. The... IT

Brymon boss dies in his sleep
Fri 12 Dec
The founder of the airline which used to provide one of Scilly’s transport links has died. Brymon Airways airline... IT

Man Airlifted to Hospital
Mon 24 Nov
A Filipino man was airlifted from a cargo ship 165 miles south-west of the Isles of Scilly. RNAS Culdrose was launched on... IT

Fishing Boat in Trouble
Mon 03 Nov
The rescue has been launched to a Portugese fishing boat 150 miles south west of the islands. A crew member on the vessel... IT

Scilly Hears Concorde for the Last Time
Fri 24 Oct
Residents of the Isles of Scilly will hear Concorde’s somic boom for the last time today. Concorde took off from New... IT

Flights to Scilly are saved
Thu 23 Oct
Travellers to the island can breathe a sigh of relief as the helicopter service has been saved by a new EU directive, which... IT

Fishermen Rescue Plane Crash Survivors
Mon 06 Oct
Fishermen onboard the trawler Semper Allegro pulled three men out of the sea 10 minutes after their plane crashed three miles... SD

New Baggage Limit for Air Travel
Mon 29 Sep
New weight limits for baggage have been introduced by St Mary’s airport. Single items that weigh more than 20kg... IT

New Chairman of Steamship Co. Announced
Wed 24 Sep
The new chairman of the Isles of Scilly Steamship Company has been revealed. Andrew May was appointed last week as chair... IT

MEP Visits Scilly
Fri 04 Jul
Dr Caroline Jackson, MEP brought with her fears for our local helicopter operator. In a meeting with BIH, Dr Jackson stated... SD

Isles of Scilly Travel from Southampton
Sat 21 Dec
Isles of Scilly Travel’s Skybus will be flying from Southampton Airport to St Mary’s (and back) during the coming... SD

Insurance Costs Drive up BIH Fare
Mon 21 Oct
British International Helicopters have announced a 10% rise in the costs of fares, largely due to the low confidence in the... JP

Travel Problems
Mon 12 Aug
One of Brintel’s two helicopters is ’on the blink’ again today as it breaks down for the umpteenth time... SD

Helicopter Break Down
Sat 27 Jul
One of Brintel’s two helicopters has broken down on one of the busiest traveling days of the year, following the... SD

First Great Western Announce Promotion
Tue 09 Jul
First Great Western and Brintel (Helicopters) have announced a promotion allowing First Class travel return from London... SD