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From The Western Rocks To The Eastern Isles
Scilly News is maintained by Steve Duncan ( Recently, most articles are written by Beth Hilton.


Scilly News was set up by developing DuncanTV, a local web site with an aim to keep track of news from the Islands which would keep locals, expats and visitors in touch with the happenings.

When Steve Duncan from St Mary's and Julian Pearce from St Agnes moved from the Islands to go to college, they developed the site into the current Scilly News. Scilly News was born on 1 February, 2001.

In Summer 2003, Issy Taylor, Nathalie Gardener and Harry Legg joined the team at Scilly News. Later Beth Hilton and Leonie McFarlane joined. In late 2004, Issy Taylor went on to work for BBC Radio Cornwall.

Gratefully Supported By...

Scilly News is a non-profit organisation. This means we have relied on sponsorship to keep it going.

The Isles of Scilly Museum awarded Scilly News with the Maclaren Award. Their generous financial support meant that were able to advertise and add several new features to the site, upgrading the host from BTInternet to WebFusion/HostEurope and purchasing some of the web cam equipment.

Scilly Online and Colborne Trophies sponsored the web cam, until it ceased transmission in January 2002.

From July 2002 the Isles of Scilly Steamship Company's 'Isles of Scilly Travel' started to sponsor Scilly News. This sponsorship has been used to host Scilly News, and will go into promoting Scilly News, the Scillonian Cross and the Isles of Scilly.

The Scillonia Digital Workshop has also given us valuable support.


In the late summer of 2001, Scilly News was awarded the 'My Hometown Quality Web Site Award'.

Scilly News is now recognised around the World. Though the majority of visits are from the UK, we do get a lot of visitors from Australia, New Zealand (popular places for expats) and the Netherlands (our main foreign pilot gig competitor), along with many others.

We gain about 5000 visitors a month. That's a new person every 9 minutes.

On 20 August 2002, Scilly News received the Golden Web Award - 'In recognition of creativity, integrity and excellence on the Web' - or so they say.


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The Scillonian Cross is not a logo of Scilly News.

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The banner image contains: the Scillonian Cross flag, a design for an IOS flag as decided by our readers; the central rock is Scilly Rock, photographed by Richard Pearce,