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So sad to hear the news about Nathan. Myself and Carrie have only known Nathan and his parents a short while and found them to be kind and helpful in every way. Nathan was the kind of person to put his all into everything. Condolences from all at the Port St Mary Lifeboat Station, IOM xxxx
Going to miss Nathan always, he will never ever be forgotten, top man!!! always be thinking of him!!! cheers boy!!! x x x x x
gotta love the lies and gossip of scilly...
hi i live on the isle of wight and would like to hear from someone on the scillys ' mabey we could compare notes about our islands thanks ian
Hi there folks

I am just putting some feelers out at this stage to see if there might be enough interest to have a Scilly get together some time up here near Bristol. There are a great many Scillonians and expats that live up this way that I thought it might be a nice idea.

My thoughts are to have it somewhere here on the edge of Bristol very close to the junction of the M4 & M5 so more people could find it easily.
To have it in a hotel where we can have a good old knees up, a bit of nosh and chin wag may be crash out for the night with a good old sing song to boot and meet up with old friends, School friends and Scillonians.

I have had some contact from a few who think it might be a good idea. I know they have a big Scilly reunion in Penzance every year but alas, many of us can't really get all that way down for it, as much as I would love to. They have their reunion in February, so I was thinking about perhaps some time in November (17th or 24th) to cheer up a chilly evening in November. I would need to know what sort of numbers of people would be interested in coming so that I can start to work out some sort of Itinerary and food etc. and what size venue we would need.

Have a chat with your friends and family and anyone else you can think of that might like to come along, the more the merrier.

Please let me know at this stage
a, if you think it's a good idea
b, if you think you might like to come along and how many would be likely to make up your party
c, if you'd like to stop the night
d, if you think a buffet would be good
e, If you think a sit down meal would be good
and any other ideas you may have to make it all go with a swing

Hope to hear from you soon

Could I suggest an addition to the Scillonian Dictionary?

Drekkly - mañana without the urgency
Seems a shame that the special offers on boat trips during the walking week aren't available outside the peak season, to encourage more visitors.
Miss you Scillies!!!
See you soon I hope!!
Much love from Mousehole xxxx
J Grant forgot the black text which I am now entering.
It was great to see so many people at the hotel in Penzance it grows bigger every year. Only wish I could turn the clock back when I come to the islands in June for Samanthas wedding. It will be a holiday to remember.
i love watching an island parish personally........brightens up homesick university monday nights.....roll on WPGC's i say!
obviously I was wrong! how sad is that entry, how defensive, nobody allowed a view that does not lavish praise on Scilly. Pathetic
Hello peeps.. what up my homies?! isnt life grand over here... i mean there is nothing to do but drink and have losts of fun with random (strangers) lol :d well take care yall' :P kxXxXx
Carol Midgley -

"Island Parish (BBC Two) was slow, slumberous, beautiful and often very dull — a bit, I imagine, like living on the Isles of Scilly. Ostensibly a documentary about the search for a new parish priest to serve the Scilly Isles, it was obvious from the clever shots of its spectacular, idyllic scenery that this was a cunning plot by the BBC to exploit the January depression with our rat race lives by feeding us Good Life porn.

Well, it didn’t work on me. Maybe it’s the years I spent living in London being ignored by people who had lived on my street for a decade, but the very thought of everyone knowing my business and needing a boat to escape my neighbours makes me need to breathe into a brown paper bag.

By the end I felt quite stressed; I couldn’t quite cope with the idea of the farmer doubling up as the fireman and the police having to use the tourists’ holiday ferry to get to the scene of the crime unless I was, say, Miss Hoolie in Balamory. Pity. With Celebrity Big Brother appearing, at the time of writing, to be dying on its backside, we could have done with some decent escapism."

It is so good to see that Scilly news can finally be mature enough to print things which do not lavish praise on the islands! Clearly Scilly is not everyones cup of tea, and why would it be.Those that love it do so with a passion and those of us who don't are equally entitled to our feelings, good job we are all different! I agree with Carol Midgley, many don't, does this mean that the defensiveness has finally gone?
You may have noticed a new bench at the park in The Parade, my family and I have provided this in memory of my Parents Ivy & Maurice Haycock, who lived in Walsall, West Midlands. They spent so many happy holidays in Scilly,almost every year from 1968 to 1997, staying at Glandore, making good friends with Frank, Gwen and Nan Smith, and later Steve & Lois. Ivy passed away in March 2004, Maurice in July 2006. They loved the islands so much we thought this would be a very fitting memorial. Thank you to the Council of the Isles of Scilly for arranging this, and to all the many characters over the years who made my Mom & Dad so welcome.
All so lovely. Hi everyone who knows me! miss you all stupidly. hopefully see you next year x
Great article about Tresco Times. Makes me sick, he shouldn't be allowed to get away with it. Keep up the good work!
hey hope everyone had a mint summer i did working in local co-op on st.marys
see u all nxt summer and maybe at new year when i come homw xxxxxx
i have recently returned from the isles and have stayed in the same place for the last 5 years. It is so friendly and the sevenstones has always been the place to head for in the evening so it was disappointing to head for there this year to find it very quiet n, no atmosphere and a very poor menu which was always so good. it was a shame because this was always part of the ho;iday. Good food and meeting up with others. Very difficult when there are very few people there.
Hope it improves by next year
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